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Home » Best Hotels in Monaco » Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo

Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo

Located on the mesmerizing Golden Square of the Place de Casino, Hotel de Paris marks the epitome in European hospitality, and has become the final statement in style and luxury. Resplendent with Beaux Arts motifs, designs and decors, Hotel de Casino has transpired from a glamorous 5 star address to a roaring legendary hotel in Monte Carlo, easily one of the Best Hotels of Europe.

The Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo, the most luxurious hotels in the city, with its lavish rooms and suites, priceless views, impeccable service and some wonderful recreational amenities (like the spa) is your tryst with high fashion, culture and glamour of a bygone era.

Built in 1864, Hotel de Paris lives up to its ambition: to be the be all and end all in deluxe 5 star hotel hospitality. There is no grander place in Monaco or Europe as a whole where you'll find such heavenly retreat, where every step you take is pampered in luxury, where life as a whole seems enchanted and blessed.

Hotel de Paris is one of the Best Hotels in Monaco and the reasons are for everyone to see and cheer. Splendid location, casino and Mediterranean Sea views, award-winning restaurants and bars, unsurpassed glamour, unrivalled service, and one of the best spas in the world certainly make for a legendary hotel in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

And if these features aren't convincing enough, check out the rave reviews. Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo has be rated one of the top 100 hotels in the world (Travel and Leisure, 2005), and the best hotel by location (Conde Naste Traveller, 2006). It is only here, at this magnanimous Monaco hotel, that you'll be able to revel in Monte Carlo's inviting splendors.


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Hôtel de Paris, Monte Carlo
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