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Home » Four Seasons Hotel, Prague

Four Seasons Hotel, Prague

Located on the banks of Vltava River, with a stunning view of the pedestrian only Charles Bridge (lined by statues of saints) and Prague Castle (the oldest in the world with gardens, cafes, terraces and a cathedral that took 600 years to build), the Four Seasons Hotel, Prague is easily one of the Best Hotels in Czech Republic.

Charles Bridge connects the Four Seasons Hotel, Prague-set amidst the historic baroque architecture of the Stare Mesto-to the buzzing Old Town that has imbibed several influential architectural styles in its Old Town Hall, Old Town Square, pentagonal layout of streets, enormous cathedrals and fairytale-inspiring castles.

The Fours Seasons Hotel, Prague, the most luxurious hotels in the city, reflects the diverse architectural influences in its four interconnected buildings: Classical, Renaissance, Baroque and Modern. With lavish rooms and suites, priceless views, impeccable service and some wonderful recreational amenities (like the spa); Accommodation at the Fours Seasons Hotel, Prague is second home to the ones with the bling.

When not relaxing at the sauna and spa, or enjoying a languid morning from your private terrace, Prague throws up many wonders that blend its rich past with a thriving European Union face. Check out the bars, jazz clubs and luxury restaurants (a gift of the Velvet Revolution) to taste the local cuisine and home-grown liquor.

Alternatively, Dining at the Four Seasons Hotel, Prague restaurant and bar, regarded widely as the best luxury restaurant in the city, you are treated with finest blend of Bohemian and Italian cuisine in the world.

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Four Seasons Hotel Prague
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