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Best Hotels in Czech Republic

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With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the gates to undiscovered vistas in Eastern Europe were suddenly thrown open to the world. While the backpackers were the first explore the wonders of these unchartered territories, the rich and the famous soon found there way to the city of Prague, capital of the vibrantly bohemian Czech Republic.

Created from the embers of a soviet-ruled Czechoslovakia (now split into Czech Republic and Slovakia) after the fall of the USSR and the peaceful Velvet Revolution, Czech Republic has a lot to offer to its gracious visitors. Amidst the remains of Baroque, Renaissance and Classical architectural styles-well preserved in its churches, palaces, cobbled pentagonal streets, the modern world is breathing anew. With jazz clubs, chic bars, designer boutiques, world music, and luxurious accommodation choices, the city of Prague is its biggest attraction.

To best enjoy the wonders of Bohemia-land of the rolling plains, meadows and hills, Best Hotels of Europe offer you a stay at the Best Hotels in Czech Republic.

Whether traveling through the European continent, or enjoying a vacation in the diffidently cosmopolite Czech Republic, visit to Prague is a must. The Best Hotels in Prague take great care that your first impression of the city-its history, art, nature and people, is a lasting one.

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Best Hotels in the Czech Republic
Four Seasons Hotel Prague
  • Four Seasons Hotel Prague Accommodation
  • Four Seasons Hotel Prague Dining

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