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Best Hotels in Lucerne

Lucerne is one of the beautiful cities in Switzerland, where you come across some of the finest mountain ranges of the Alps and lake cruises. For a very long time Lucerne has been one of the most frequented places for the tourists. The River Reuss flows through the middle the city. The presence of a number of sight seeing spots, festivals like Internationale Musikfestwochen Luzern and Osterfestspiele and restaurants offering local specialties like Lozärner Chögalipaschtetli make Lucerne a brilliant place to be in. The tourists who come to this city can put their worries about accommodation to rest since this site gives you a glimpse into the Best Hotels in Lucerne.

Best Hotels in Lucerne comprise the best of Five star hotels, Four star hotels and Three star hotels which are known for their world class services. Some of the Best Hotels at Lucerne are housed in historic buildings and they have preserved their original architecture. The splendor and the opulence of the 19th century has been portrayed in these buildings. Others have modern European patterns. The buildings have splendid facades. All the Best Hotels at Lucerne in Switzerland are located in the heart of the city or near it and can be easily accessed by different modes of transport.

Best Hotels in Lucerne

5 Star Hotels in Lucerne
  • Palace Luzern
  • more...
    4 Star Hotels in Lucerne
  • NH Luzern Hotel
  • Hotel des Balances
  • more...
    3 Star Hotels in Lucerne
  • Hotel Drei Könige
  • Waldstaetterhof Swiss Quality
  • more...

    These Hotels in Lucerne have elegant rooms and suites to offer to the guests. The rooms are spacious, incorporated with the best communication technology and stylishly appointed. In some of these hotels you are attracted by the 19th century décor of the rooms. With the aid of the latest facilities the rooms offer a mix of the traditional and the modern.

    Best Hotels at Lucerne are enriched with some of the best restaurants and bars. With the availability of culinary delights from different parts of the world and local Swiss specialties the restaurants are just irresistible. The bars at these hotels have classical lounge patterns and different lightings. World renowned labels are available at the bars.

    Best Hotels in Switzerland are known for providing the best business services and the hotels in Lucerne are no exceptions. These hotels are just perfect for business travelers because there are a number of rooms where you find all the modern technologies.

    In these hotels you can also enjoy a number of recreational facilities like gymnasium, spa and sight seeing arrangements which go a long way to help you unwind. With a number of other facilities to make your stay an enjoyable experience these hotels are cut above the rest.

    Lucerne provides you with a chance to shop for stylish watch brands and fashion accessories. You find the real essence of Switzerland in Lucerne because it is the gateway to central Switzerland. gives detailed information on Best Hotels in Lucerne and Best Hotels in Switzerland.

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