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Home » Best Hotels in France » Hôtel D'Europe, France

Hôtel D'Europe, France

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Located in Provence, in the historic city of Avignon, overlooking the square, close to Palace of the Popes (Palais des Papes) and the city walls, with endless choice of food and wines, and a warm aristocratic residence ambience, Hôtel D'Europe, Avignon, France is easily one of the best great small hotels in France, Europe.

Hôtel D'Europe, Avignon, France exudes luxury and opulence with every feature and service. Its personalized service, eye for details and attentive demeanor appeals to all its guests, who make a beeline for the wonders of Provence region-one of the most romantic destinations in France.

Hôtel D'Europe was the 16th century residence of Marquess of Gravezon that was rechristened to its current name by Madame Pierron, an acquaintance of Napoleon. Considered one of the best hotels in Avignon, a stay at the elegant Hôtel D'Europe on your romantic escapade or family vacation promises to be a memorable affair.

The rooms and suites at Hôtel D'Europe, Avignon, France, are few, unique and inspiring. There is no dearth of outdoor activities at the hotel. The gorgeous restaurant and bar, buzzing markets, medieval towns, Roman ruins, antiques market, cycling trails, walking trails, car drives, tours of vineyards of Châteauneuf du Pape and the Côtes du Rhône, lavender fields, Mount Vertoux, gardens and artists' studios in the vicinity and are just the beginning of your tryst with French countryside and Avignon's splendors.

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