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Best Hotels in Bruges

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Located in the Flemish region of Belgium, Bruges is renowned as one of the important port cities of Europe. Maybe this results for its thriving economy. But the city is best known for its medieval culture and architecture that still presides every nook and corner of this Flemish town. Existence of this city was known from the time of the Gauls but it came to prominence during the Golden Age (12th to 15th century). The historic center of this city is listed under World Heritage site by UNESCO. A leisurely walk through the pedestrian streets of Bruges will take you to the Church of Our Lady which is important for both historical and artistic reasons. It is one of the highest brick towers and also showcases Madonna and the Child one of Michelangelo's most famous work of art. Generally tourists with a fling for history and European study visit this city. There are many Best Hotels in Bruges among the Best Hotels in Belgium which are ideally suited for your pocket and preferences. Most of these Hotels in Bruges are situated near the historic center of the city.

Luxury Hotels in Bruges

Some of the Best Hotels in Bruges emanate the very aura of Bruges. For instance The Pand Hotel which is one of the Luxury Hotels in Bruges. This 18th century mansion is stocked with antique furniture, objects of art and of course its timeless elegance. Starting from designer suitcases to its English style pub everything has a character. The Walburg hotel located again near the historic center is a neoclassical palace of the 19th century and the Golden Tulip De Medici is another case in point. The age old canals, the bustling market place and the casual chatter of the locals further give a character and charm to this place.

Bruges' beauty lies in its charm and vintage times. When the weather is permissible, a short walk through the tiny the medieval streets can be an elevating experience. Bruges is a very beautiful place in the summers as well as the winters. A snowy Bruges in December is breathtaking and takes you to another era. The authorities have done their best to preserve the best of the medieval ruins in the city. The nineteenth century neo-gothic style is more prominent than one would think. The blend of the old and new amazes everyone who steps in Bruges.

Star Hotels in Bruges

Most of these Star Hotels in Bruges are well equipped for conference facilities as well. The business venues in these Hotels in Bruges are quite efficient and will see you through your business proceedings. Dining is an elaborate fare in these hotels. You can take a pick from authentic Belgian cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine and even Indian dishes. Often you will find a plate of waffles or rich Belgian chocolate as a complimentary gift in your rooms.

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